Nanoscale Iron for In Situ Environmental Remediation Projects
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Polyflon Company
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Zero-valent Nanoscale iron has the potential to degrade many contaminants, including:

Volatile Organics Halogenated aromatics PCB's Halogenated herbicides and pesticides Perchlorate Metals, such as hexavalent chromium and arsenic

Due to their small size, Polyflon PolyMetallixTM nanoiron particles can be directly injected into the subsurface through borings and wells, treating contaminated soils, groundwater, and DNAPL. The small size, large surface area and reactivity of nanoscale iron make it very suitable for in situ treatment applications.

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Polyflon Company
A Crane Co. Company
One Willard Road
Norwalk, CT  06851 US

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